PATE – Immense’s Dry Contact Sensing Technology

Revolutionizing EEG: The Dry Sensor Advantage

Neurotechnology’s future is teeming with potential, and EEG (Electroencephalogram) data capture lies at its core. While traditional EEG devices utilize ‘wet’ electrodes, which often involve complications like preparation time and potential skin irritation, the future demands more seamless, user-friendly solutions. Enter the dry EEG sensor.

Why Dry Sensors?

Eliminating the need for gels or conductive solutions, dry EEG sensors offer quick setup with no compromise on quality. Imagine integrating this with everyday applications, like earbuds that can adapt in real-time based on cognitive feedback. The promise is vast and varied.

Our Groundbreaking Sensor

Our journey to innovate led us to design a superior dry EEG sensor. After intensive research and development, the results of our testing are both illuminating and promising. As detailed in our research paper:

“The buffer-configured amplifier’s performance across the frequency spectrum stands out. With an ideal gain of 1 (V/V) observed across most of the spectrum, there were slight degradations at higher frequencies – a result of inherent circuit constraints and external factors. These findings highlight the sensor’s potential to redefine EEG measurements, particularly in challenging environments.”

Wrapping Up

In essence, our new dry contact EEG sensor is more than an innovation; it’s the gateway to the next chapter of neurotechnology. The path forward is clear, and we’re thrilled to lead the charge.

For an in-depth understanding of our research and findings, click here to access our detailed paper.